Strongtower Security provides uniformed armed and unarmed security guards throughout Atlanta. Currently we provide services to a number of clients in a wide variety of industries and fields, including:

Retail Centers and Corporate Security: We protect individual stores, department stores, retail chains, supermarkets, and 24-hour convenience stores.  Strongtower Security also provides security for office parks, banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies, corporate office buildings and call centers.


Community and Special Event Security: We evaluate your event, location, number of people attending, and other factors to provide adequate uniformed security guards.


Apartment and Residential Security Services: We’re the eyes and ears of an apartment or residential community to ensure the safety and security for all your residents.


Hotel and Motel Security:  When your hotel or motel requires the highest level of protection, Strongtower Security is the industry leader in providing the protection that you need. Officers are always on call and available for immediate deployment.


Construction and Building Security:  Protect your site from theft, vandalism, and other liability situations with a security guard service designed to meet your needs.  With construction equipment, copper and appliance theft now at an all-time high our security services are needed to secure your assets.


Customized Services: To support your security guard needs we offer many customized service plans to fit your business and your budget.


For more information about any of our security services or to schedule an appointment, please call 770-873-9588 or email