Hotel and Motel Security Services

Hotel and Motel Security Services – Atlanta

Every hotel and motel needs a full security guard service.

It is the duty of Strongtower Security to provide effective services for both customers and management in the hotel and motel industries.  If you own a hotel or motel, you need to secure it, by getting the best hotel security officers in the business.

With our security services, hotel owners are confident enough that their business will always be protected and watched. Strongtower Security plays a vital role in promoting a secure atmosphere for the staff working and customers staying at the location.


Hotel and motel security services works strictly with management to determine work orders. They make sure that they will reach all the expectations given by the management.

Hotel and motel security officers are well-trained to establish excellent customer services, follow all safety requirements and general rules.

For more information about our hotel and motel security services or to schedule an appointment, please call 770-873-9588 or email